5 Non-toxic Dish Soap Brands

It feels wonderful to run a sink full of hot water and watch the dish detergent create mounds of bubbly suds. The dishes get that squeaky clean that everyone loves. When you are scrubbing yet another pile of dishes, do you ever ponder what kind of ingredients is in your dish detergent? The answers may shock you.

Dish soap has strong chemicals to loosen baked-on food and grease. The main ingredient in most brands is sodium laurel sulfate, or SLS. This ingredient gives the sudsing action we want. It is commonly used in cleaning and hygiene products. While some companies point out that SLS comes from coconuts, it can be vulnerable to contamination by chemicals that are carcinogenic.

You may be lulled into buying a dish detergent because of its intoxicating scent. If you do some deciphering on the ingredient list, you will find that most of these scents are synthetic. It is difficult to tell what kind of questionable chemicals these companies are using for scents. The same is true for artificial coloring. These fake ingredients can cause skin irritation and other allergic reactions. Some worse side effects can include organ toxicity and even cancer.

There has to be an ingredient in your dish soap that keeps the mixture together. Chemical emulsifiers and stabilizers are used generously in the manufacturing process. These chemicals are not only bad for your skin and organs, but many of them can wreak havoc on the environment.

When you see a dish soap that claims it is antibacterial, you should confident in buying it—right? Many antibacterial ingredients are harmful to your health. One of the worst offenders is an antibacterial agent called triclosan. According to an article in USAToday.com, the FDA claims that there is no definite proof that triclosan kills germs. It may actually cause damage to the reproductive system. You can even find it in toothpaste.

A non toxic dish soap is the best for cleaning and keeping your family safe. They use environmentally friendly cleaning and agents, do not contain artificial ingredients, or dangerous stabilizers. They depend on the action of soap to kill germs instead of antibacterial agents like triclosan. These products are also certified for being cruelty-free. Here are some excellent brands to consider:

Better Life – If you like the scent of real lemon and mint, then you will love this non toxic dish detergent. It has no artificial colors, scents, or SLS. Instead, Better Life uses pure plant powder for cleaning power.

Seventh Generation – This popular cleaning product company makes an excellent non toxic dish detergent. There are no dyes, and you can choose from different scents that are created with pure essential oils. It is naturally hypoallergenic and safe for the environment.

Puracy – This special dish detergent was developed by doctors and is completely free of anything artificial or hazardous. It has a fresh lime scent derived from real lime juice. Puracy is safe for all of your family.

Eco-Me – Here is another earth-safe dish soap that is made from pure plant powder and essential oils. It suds naturally without all of the dangerous chemicals found in most leading brands. Eco-me safely cleans your glasses and dishes.

Sonnett –  This non toxic dish soap hails from Germany. It cleans your dishes without the offending chemicals of other brands. Its scent and color are also naturally derived.

You can have sparkling clean dishes without compromising your family’s health. Quality non toxic dish detergents can be found at most department stores at comparable prices. You will feel good about keeping your kitchen clean while being kind to the environment.

Picture Credits:  CC0 Public Domain @ Pixabay