5 cleaning products brands without chemicals

Ditch the chemicals for a healthier home and help save the planet too

Cleaning products Brands without ChemicalsEveryone wants to keep their house clean, but if you use the type of regular household cleaners that you buy in the supermarket, you could actually be doing more harm than good. These popular cleaners contain problematic ingredients such as ammonia, which could be harmful to your children and pets. Ammonia is irritating to their lungs, and because of their small size they receive a greater exposure than adults. These cleaners also get into the environment. Therefore, it is safer to use chemical-free cleaning products.

In fact, regular cleaning products contain a number of harmful ingredients that are best avoided. Yet we use these products without even thinking about it. Look at the ingredients list on your shampoo, cleaning products, and laundry detergent, or dish soap and you will find many that give cause for concern. They are extremely common, yet are often a problem for the environment and for us.

These are the key ingredients to check for:

Sulfates (SLS, SLES, ALS) are used in many soaps, shampoos, detergents and other cleaning products for their foaming qualities. However, they can cause irritation. They are also believed to be harmful to the environment.

Ammonia is, as mentioned above, irritating to children, pets and possibly adults as well. It is used in cleaning products.

Dyes are used in textile manufacture and pollute the environment during the manufacturing process. They may also irritate delicate skin when clothing containing them is worn.

Phthalates are very difficult to avoid. feature in cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries. They are especially risky for pregnant women and children, as they may affect birth weight and the timing of puberty.

Colourants are dyes or pigments. They appear in many toiletries and cosmetic products. Artificial colourants may be absorbed into your skin and some are linked with irritation. There are also suggestions of a cancer risk, although that is not yet proven.

Chlorine (Bleach) is a toxic chemical that can affect breathing. It is frequently used in household cleaners.

Fortunately, there are many Chemical Free Household Cleaner Brands that are just as effective as regular versions, and much less harmful to you and the environment.

These are the chemical free cleaning products brands to look for:

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generationoffer cleaning products, detergent, baby products (nappies/diapers, shampoo, lotion), and feminine products (the safety of tampons and towels is something that most menstruating women don’t even consider). Their products are plant-based and avoid toxic chemicals.


Puracy products contain only ingredients derived from plants or minerals, and use natural fragrances. Their household cleaners, baby products and toiletries are safe for children and pets.


Biokleen manufactures detergents and cleaning products that are non-toxic and use plantbased ingredients. They are not tested on animals and are free of chemical ingredients like chlorine and ammonia.


Greensentials produce a natural cleaner that uses plant-based ingredients and essential oils. It is free from sulfates, ammonia, dyes, and toxic ingredients.


Eco-me makes detergents, cleaning products and pet products that are chemical-free, not tested on animals, and contain no sulfates, phthalates, or preservatives such as Methylisothiazolinone, which often causes an allergic reaction.


No. 6 Better Life:

Plant-derived ingredients and scents, non toxic, biodegradable, dye free, never tested on animals. As seen on Shark Tank

While there is not always a proven link between chemicals in household products and health problems, it is nevertheless known that some are problematic. Besides, do you really want to take risks with your family’s health? The safest option is to remove as many chemical products from your home, and opt for non-toxic, chemical-free detergents, cleaning products and toiletries instead. Fortunately, there are many such products on the market, meaning that your home can be clean without harm. Plus, when you choose chemical-free cleaning products, you know you are helping do your little bit to help the environment!