Biodegradable Toothpaste

Ever heard of Toothpaste Tablets? A genius idea if you consider a zero waste lifestyle or if you are looking for a toothpaste that is 100% biodegradable, including the packaging!

What does biodegradable mean?

According to Wikipedia, Biodegradation is the breakdown of organic matter by microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

It is the ability of organic chemicals to be decomposed biologically, i.e. especially by saprobionts or their enzymes. Ideally, this chemical metabolism goes all the way to mineralization, breaking the organic compound down to inorganic matter such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and ammonia.

Now, approximately 100 years after the invention of the toothpaste, a new form of a tooth cleaning substance enters the market: Tooth Cleaning Tablets!

What are Tooth Cleaning Tablets?

Toothpaste actually has 3 basic functions:

  • Removal of plaque,
  • Remineralization of the enamel as well
  • Provide a feeling of freshness.

To concentrate on these 3 functions, the German company DENTTABS invented the Tooth Cleaning Tablets.

Conventional toothpaste consists of many substances such as moisturizers, binders and preservatives, which only serve to turn the dentifrice into a cream or a gel. only to make the dentifrice a consistent toothpaste mass. These substances often burden the human body and the environment.

Above all, you need a lot of water for the production of conventional toothpaste as well as many ingredients that pollute the body and the environment. Most of them are hardly biodegradable.

The Denttabs Tooth Cleaning Tablets don’t need all of that. Tooth cleaning tablets use the human saliva to make the toothpaste creamy. By chewing, the active ingredients react directly with the saliva and can more easily get to the places in the oral cavity where they become effective.

In addition, in terms of waste, there are no residues in the tubes that end up unused in the garbage. The Denttabs are packed in fully compostable bags that can be disposed of in organic waste. The bags are made on the basis of corn starch and carry the official compost certificate.

Denttabs Tooth Cleaning Tablets are all-organic BDIH certified. They are free of preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances, binders and contain neither aluminum nor nanoparticles.

Cellulose (i.e. wood) is used as a cleaning body. As a result, the teeth are rather polished than scratched with a low abrasion value. This also helps to reduce discoloration, because colored pigments can no longer adhere to the smooth tooth surface and the original, usually lighter tooth color returns.

Denttabs are available with and without fluoride. The fluoride version of the Denttabs has an optimized fluoride content. Through the direct dissolution in the saliva it is scientifically proven that caries is being avoided and even partially remedied.

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