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7 acetone free nail polish removers

Nail polish is pretty tough stuff. It was designed to be—after all, who would want to buy it if it readily chipped or rinsed away the first time you washed your hands? But that toughness comes with a price. In order to remove it, you need a solvent.

Chemically speaking, a solvent is any substance that dissolves something, but in this case, you need a solvent with particular chemical qualities. Acetone is one solvent that readily fits the bill. Many nail polish removers use it as a primary ingredient, but it has drawbacks. It is volatile, which means that it easily evaporates at room temperature. Inhaling acetone vapors can cause irritation and, if you’re breathing a lot of it, lung damage. Acetone also strips away the oils in your skin, leaving it dry and prone to damage.

For those looking to find gentler, less volatile solvents, there are now a host of acetone free nail polish removers. Check out these seven examples: Continue reading