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Thank you for your interest in submiting a skin care guest post for this eco-friendly products website. Before you read on please know that this blog has very specific requirements. If you are looking for a quick backlink, then please look elsewhere.

We ourselves try to produce high quality articles that add a lot of value for the reader on their quest to find the right eco-friendly products that do not contain harmful chemical substances.

Here are the writing guidelines for this website on eco-friendly lifestyle:

We only accept guest posts which are original content and not published anywhere else on the Web. Duplicate or plagiarized content will not be accepted.

It should be positive, friendly, and authentic; addressed to general consumers just like you and me.  We are happy for you to include personal stories if they are relevant.

We are looking for educational content that really adds value. We are looking for guest post submissions on the following topics:

  • Eco-friendly Lifestyle
  • Eco-friendly Food
  • Eco-friendly home appliances
  • Eco-friendly cosmetics


If you are talking about a concept that is not widely accepted or understood it must be properly referenced to a credible source.

We don’t accept affiliate links in your articles. However, you are welcome to link to 2-3 other respected sites from within your article. One of these external links can be to a relevant article on your own site as long as it is a natural fit. The other 1-2 external links should be to respected authority sites on your chosen topic. It should make sense for the reader.


Minimum 500 words.

If you are interested in writing for our website we are happy to hear from you. Please contact: info@ecoamigable.com

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