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Silicone Free Shampoo Brands in 2020

Hair care products that use silicones get critcized more and more. Many shampoos and conditioners contain these substances. Silicones are used as a film former for each hair, so the hair can be meshed better and shine without appearing greasy.

They are also used in hair spray leave-in conditioners, make up, or even facial moisturizers. In hair care they form a layer around each single hair.

Using hair care products without silicone is not only better for your hair, it is also better for the environment.

In this article we provide you a list of silicone-free shampoos brands.

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5 Silicone free Leave-in Conditioner Brands

In an effort to achieve smooth, silky, healthy hair, women often reach for leave-in conditioner. As the name implies, these conditioners are left in the hair rather than rinsed out like typical conditioners.

Leave-in conditioners are applied to hair to help seal in moisture and shine and increase manageability. Unfortunately, many of these commercial leave-in products may be doing more harm than good due to their high silicone content.

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Silicone free Moisturizers Brands 2019

Silicones are a popular ingredient in facial moisturizers. Their water-binding capabilities hold the moisture well, even when the skin becomes wet. Their unique fluid properties give the skin a great deal of slip. Silicones can feel like silk on the skin.

There are numerous forms of silicones used in cosmetic products, particularly leave-on skin care products and as well as shampoos and conditioners. You can easily identify silicones on the list of ingredients where they end on -xane or -cone; such as Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone or Phenyl trimethicone.

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Chemical free shampoos – Better for your health and the environment

When we buy a shampoo in the drugstore or the supermarket we usually do not put much thought in what is actually in this product. Only when we suffer from intolerances or irritations on our skin caused by chemicals in our cosmetics we start studying the ingredients list.

But in order to avoid skin problems caused by caosmetic products we schould start considering what products we are using and listen less to the Marketing messages on the TV. Although think about what chemicals you might flush in to the environment and consider buying products with biodegradable ingredients.

At the end of this article you find a list of brands that do not use the chemicals mentioned below.

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