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15 Paraben free makeup brands – without Phthalates and Silicones

Makeup products are using a variety of chemical additives in order to achieve their effects permanently. However, these ingredients are often problematic for the human body and the environment. Three of these ingredients in makeup are parabens, phthalates and silicones.

Many consumers are looking now for products that do not use these substances. But it is difficult, regardless of the price range, to find appropriate products. In this article we provide you a list of brands that offer makeup without parabens, phthalates and silicones.

Paraben free makeup brandsWhat do Parabens do in makeup?

Parabens are used primarily as a preservative. They are added to water-containing cosmetics in order to avoid the development of bacteria in the contained water. The parabens, however, are highly controversial because of their impact on the human hormonal balance. More and more countries around the globe are imposing strict maximum limits for the use of parabens on the human skin. Some countries, such as Denmark, have already banned them from cosmetic products, all together.

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Paraben free Sunscreen without Oxybenzone

Sunscreen is another product that might contain a lot of chemicals that you do not want to put on your and your family member’s skin. As we use sunscreen in water some substances are also an environmental hazard. In this article we look at common ingredients like Parabens and Oxybenzone and provide you a list of Sunscreens that are a safe choice. Continue reading

SLS and paraben free Body Wash

A conventional Body Wash is using a variety of chemical additives to achieve the cleaning and care effect. However, many of the ingredients are problematic for the human body and for the environment. Two problematic substances most conventional body washes have are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and parabens. In this article we give you a list of sls- and parabene-free body wash products.

Many consumers are looking now for toileteries that do not contain these chemical substances. It is difficult to find relevant products and it requires a detailed study of the list of ingredients on the packaging in the drugstore or supermarket.

The easiest way to find chemical free body wash ist to concentrates ones search on all natural cosmetics manufacturer. But be aware that even if a product calls itself “all-natural” or “organic” it still could include chemicals, mineral-oil based substances or plastic. Continue reading

Chemical free shampoos – Better for your health and the environment

When we buy a shampoo in the drugstore or the supermarket we usually do not put much thought in what is actually in this product. Only when we suffer from intolerances or irritations on our skin caused by chemicals in our cosmetics we start studying the ingredients list.

But in order to avoid skin problems caused by caosmetic products we schould start considering what products we are using and listen less to the Marketing messages on the TV. Although think about what chemicals you might flush in to the environment and consider buying products with biodegradable ingredients.

At the end of this article you find a list of brands that do not use the chemicals mentioned below.

When you buy a shampoo or conditioner you should pay attention to these chemicals. Continue reading