Plastic Free Razors

Are  your aware that wet shaving contributes to environmental pollution? In this article we introduce razors that are plastic free and won’t damage the environment.

What are shaving razors made of?

When using modern razors, there is a lot of plastic in use. 

The worst razors are the disposable ones that end up in the garbage after one or two uses. These products are made of plastic (with a low metal content) and they are also packed in plastic.

Next come razors with interchangeable razor blades. These are more elaborately designed but hardly recyclable. The holder usually consists of a combination of metal and various plastic components so that it fits perfectly in the hand.

Only the blades are replaced regularly. However, these also consist of a non-recyclable combination of different materials with moisture strips and movable plastic elements as well as the actual metal blades. 

OK, the blades last longer (up to a month) and the holder is used much longer until it becomes so unsightly that it ends up in the residual waste.

How did people shave before plastic razors were introduced?

So-called metal safety razors where widely used before plastic came in. Some had a noble wooden handle, in which only the metal blades were exchanged. These were products for eternity with which the shave was celebrated. 

In the course of the zero waste movement, theses safety razors are experiencing a renaissance in modern interpretation, without any plastic.

Here’s or selection of plastic free razors

Women’s razors without plastic

Isn’t it much more pleasant to shave the legs and genital area with ​​real blades instead of pink plastic devices?

Zomchi has set itself the goal to developing safety razors for the environmentally conscious woman. Thieir products do completely without plastic even when it comes to packaging.

The razors are made of durable stainless steel. They last much longer than a typical plastic disposable razor. When the blade dulls, you can simply replace it with a new standard one and continue using your sustainable safety razor for years to come.

However, shaving with a safety razor must be learned. A little training is required so that you don’t cause yourself unnecessary cuts. For safety reasons, the head is 4.3 cm wide, so that the blades do not protrude sideways and can cause injuries.

Then of course you can also save a lot of garbage with shaving cream or shaving soap. There are already special shaving soaps for the woman’s body. The Henry Cavendish Lavender Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil is also plastic free. 

Men’s razors without plastic

Today, more and more gentlemen are using the shaving methods of their grandfathers:

  • Razor
  • Shaving brush (I actually still have an original one from the 60ies)
  • Shaving Soap

The Vikings blade stands out. It enhances the bathroom as a high-quality, noble product. It is made of a metal alloy and is elegantly chrome-plated. It is kept in an elegant case in the bathroom and can also be taken with you on the trip. Well, probably not in your hand luggage when traveling by plane 🙂

The special butterfly opening enables the razor blades to be changed safely in a few simple steps. It has an appropriate weight and its texture is comfortable and non-slip in the hand.

Standardized blades can also be used here, which cost between 5 and 10 ct each. Compare that to the plastic replacement blades from Gilette.

Shaving with a safety razor takes some practice. You have to find the right angle: about 30°. Unlike conventional wet razors, the angle is not specified by the device.

Men can also avoid a lot of plastic waste and microplastics if they do without shaving foam from the can or shaving cream from the plastic tube. This is where noble shaving soaps based on vegetable oils come in, which do not need any plastic in the product or in the packaging.

Lather & Wood Shaving Soap offers a luxury plastic free shaving soap. Ingredients like Tallow and Shea Butter produces a ridiculous amount of dense slippery lather.

Ideal as a Gift!

Another possibility to ban plastic from the bathroom, is the use of plastic free cotton ear buds. Find out more >>>

Photo by Ignacio F. on Unsplash