7 non-toxic Toothpaste Brands

Toothpaste is a product meant for improving oral hygiene. It is a component that helps eliminate oral odor, and bacteria thus reducing chances of tooth decay. Since the human tooth is a vital part of the human body, it is something that must stay protected.

That is why non toxic toothpaste is a household commodity that might only lack in a limited number of homes. In the market today there are many toothpaste brands manufactured by companies across the globe. Regardless of their differences in branding, they possess certain similarities.

For instance, most contain fluorides, sodium mono fluorophosphates, sorbitol, hydrated silica, water, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), cellulose gum, sodium saccharin, mica, titanium dioxide, PEG-12, D&C yellow number 10, FD&C blue number 1, and flavor. Not all of those are good and safe ingredients:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is one highly used ingredient in toothpaste today. It is this particular component that yields the foaming action experienced by many of us while brushing our teeth. However, it has been known to stimulate allergies and cause bad breath. Find here a List of Toothpaste brands without SLS


Triclosan, on the other hand, is an ingredient that helps reduce plaque and gum inflammation, by eliminating gingivitis. To date, no documented research shows that Triclosan can harm your oral cavity. You can find more information on Toothpaste without Triclosan here.


Microbeads are solid plastic particles of less than five millimeters. They used to be added to toothpaste as abrasives. Today, most toothpaste brands have already banned them but still some major brands use them. You can easily spot them on the list of ingredients as Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP).

They can hardly be filtered by sewage treatment and end up in marine organisms. They can also enter the human tissue and accumulate there. It was reported already that in some cases microbeads have been found under the gums, causing irritation. The effect that whitening toothpastes with microparticles promise are not worth the risk.

Artificial Colors

Also, there are types of toothpaste that come with artificial colors. Examples of these dyes include Yellow No. 10 and the Blue No. 1. Artificial colors might be suitable for marketing toothpaste since they help improve the aesthetics of the products. However, some of these dyes might cause cancer and stimulate certain allergies.


Aluminum dioxide is an element common in white toothpaste due to its abrasive properties. Despite its unique use, aluminum is an element that can cause Alzheimer’s disease after a very long time. That is why there also is a big debate about the use aluminum salts in deodorants.


Fluorides present in toothpaste help do away with gingivitis thus reducing chances of your teeth decaying. Thus, fluorides assist in strengthening your teeth in the long run. However, fluoride poses great danger, especially to children. In excess amounts, it is known to cause dental fluorosis, a form of tooth decay. Besides, fluoride has been known to cause osteoporosis, thyroid ailments, endocrine related issues, and some types of cancer. So more and more companies especially all-natural brands offer fluoride free toothpaste.

Presently there are seven non toxic toothpaste brands making rounds in the market. They include Himalaya, Jasons, Dr. Bronners, David’s Natural, Uncle Harry’s, hello Oral Care and Jack’n Jill for kids.


The Himalaya has a range of natural toothpastes that use ingredients such as pineapple, papaya enzymes, pomegranate, Xylitol and Neem.


Jasons most popular toothpaste is a natural sea fresh anti-plaque and strengthening oral gel that contains the natural blue-green algae, parsley, and deep sea spearmint flavor.

Dr. Bronners

The Bronners oral gel contains organic glycerin, hydrated silica, baking soda, potassium cocoate, calcium carbonate, the organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, peppermint, menthol crystals, coconut flour, citric acid, and xantham gum.

David’s Natural

Ingredients used include calcium carbonate as abrasive agent, purified water, baking soda, vegetable glycerin, hydrated silica, xylitol, sodium cocyl glutamate, carrageenan, peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, and stevia.

Uncle Harry’s

It is a tooth gel with no artificial additives. It contains also calcium carbonate as well as mustard seed powder, wintergreen, eucalyptus, peppermint, sea salt, clove, and oregano essential oils.

Hello Oral Care

Hello Oral Care contains thickener, coconut cleanser, vegetable glycerin, hydrated silica, sorbitol, yum, purified water, calcium glycerophosphate, and sweetener.

Jack’n Jill for kids

With this toothpaste for kids, you get xylitol, purified water, hydrated silica, flavor, xanthan gum, coconut oil, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and organic Calendula officinalis extract.

It is only natural toothpaste that lacks ingredients that might otherwise harm your health. Therefore, it is advisable to go with natural toothpaste so as to be on the safer side.

Photo: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain